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Interactive Defense Home Watch AppLet’s get right to the heart of the problem.  People want to feel safe in their community. And police agencies wants to do everything in their power to protect their citizens.  Last year however, there was over 1.5 MILLION residential burglaries in the United States alone and statistics show that many of those burglaries occurred when the homeowner was out of town.  

Plain and simple, police agencies and the citizens they protect need to come together to employ new methods to preserve the safety of the homes and properties in the cities we all live in.   It’s time to utilize new mobile technologies to bridge the gap between officer and citizen to fight this epidemic.  Introducing the new Home Watch app from Interactive Defense, the latest tool in the Interactive Defense product arsenal designed to help police agencies protect citizen homes and properties while they are out of town.

For Agencies
Show your citizens you are being proactive in the fight against crime by installing the Interactive Defense Home Watch application in your city. Get a valuable, FREE online/mobile tool that lets you communicate with your citizens on the security of their homes while they are out of town. Automate the home watch process by letting your citizens register a home watch with your agency via the web or via the Interactive Defense Home Watch app available on the Apple App Store.

View an interactive map of all active, future, and historical home watches in your city and submit daily updates on the status of those properties requesting a home watch. The app even provides step-by-step directions to the home watch itself.

For Citizens
Depart on your vacation or business trip knowing your household will be looked after by your local police agency while you’re gone. Get email, sms, or mobile device push notification status updates of the security of your property while you and your family are out of town.