Interactive Defense
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Accurately manage an accident report from your vehicle and/or smartphone. Accident data collection rules are configured specifically to the requirements of each agency and meet Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) standards, ensuring all accidents reports are completed in the same manner and within agencies policies, procedures, and terminology included in the accident report template. Save time and prevent data entry errors using prefilled form data to complete fields with information from driver license or previous name and vehicle queries. Generate accurate digital citations to eliminate the ambiguity of traditional hand written citations. Participants signatures can be digitally collected and customized reports can be generated and printed by the officer in the field or e-mailed to participants. Forms attach to IDS records for viewing, editing, and printing, and the system automatically searches for matching records before storing the information and routing electronically for approval. Add an unlimited number of people, vehicles, property, associated details, and narratives, and add your own custom fields.